Altair version differences

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu May 8 15:36:50 2003

 One difference was the use of flat vs round toggle switch handles. The
round handles cut into your fingers and made them SORE after toggling in
long programs. My first Altair was a 8800 but had the flat handles as used
on the A model. Steve Gabley (sp?) was tracking Altair serial numbers and
differences. He said that my Altair was the highest known SN for an 8800
and one of very few 8800s with the flat handles. You should check with him,
I'm sure that he could tell you a lot more about the differences.

   I think one of the other differences was a beefier PS in the A but I
don't remember for sure.


At 11:07 AM 5/8/03 -0400, you wrote:
> Someone asked me what the difference between the 8800 and 8800a
>models. I know that some significant changes but I couldn't enumerate them.
> Can someone help here? Thanks.
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