(Fwd) MINC-11 available (UK)

From: graeme <graeme_at_davies4924.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Fri May 9 15:22:00 2003

Hi there

I am interested and not to far away in Newcastle. Probably I could
collect Monday or wedensday.


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This is just to remind anyone who saw my post a few days ago, and
hasn't yet decided they need to rescue this MINC...

> This is a self contained mobile unit based on a PDP11.
> It has an ADC, Digital I/O and clock. VT05 VDU on top of it. Dual
> floppies. Era 1980. Quite heavy!!
> It's available up until 21st April - maybe a bit beyond if you really
> want it.

The deadline was extended until next week, but it is now a firm
deadline -- the owner (not me) is in Edinburgh, and is moving office
next week, to a new site. There's no way the MINC can go with him, and
there's probably soe other stuff available as well. Surely someone can
rescue this machine!

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