Trenton Computer Festival

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Fri May 9 15:39:00 2003

$25 for a nubus uwscsi or a IIgs card is fair, but on ebay some go for over
$50. I find it funny how you see the same person with the same add selling
one a day after his last auction sold. Is it the same one that was bid up by
a shill or does he have a big pile of the rare cards.

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> At 12:21 PM 5/6/03 -0400, TeoZ wrote:
> >How common and cheap are 10/100 nubus network cards and 50/68pin nubus
> >cards at these shows?
> >I need 1 of each to max out my quadra 840av.
> >
> >Apple IIgs scsi cards available there for non ebay prices? I have a nice
> >syquest 44 drive and 10 carts I want to hook up to my IIgs.
> >
> >TeoZ
> 10/100 nubus cards, once scarce, seemed to have pretty much disappeared.
> I've been doing a search on ebay without any luck for a couple weeks.
> NOBODY really needs one anyway, nubus and 68k macs just don't speed up
> than about double a standard 10bt. I figure my best chance of finding one
> is hunting in a pile of scrap higher end nubus macs like 8100 servers etc.
> SCSI cards are a LOT easier to find, but most sellers seem attached to
> about $25 pricing.
> Same for the IIgs SCSI cards. I have a few with no interest in selling
> below top price, or really selling them at all even though I have a Focus
> card with IDE drive. Only the latter so called Fast SCSI card supports
> removable media, so don't waste your money on the early cards.
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