Data transfer from Apple ][ to PC

From: David Holland <>
Date: Fri May 16 12:18:00 2003


IIRC, There's something called ADT that'll move entire entire disk
images back and forth.. (via serial)

Much of it depends on what format you want the data to be in
on the PC side.


On Thu, 15 May 2003, Witchy wrote:

> Morning all,
> Another one for you :)
> Had a quick trawl of the archives 'cos I'm sure someone's mentioned doing
> this, but the recent stuff isn't archived yet is it? Anyway, What's the best
> way to get data off Apple ][e disks and onto something that has a CD burner
> fastened to it? I've got a bunch of old disks here containing documents and
> BASIC programs that need to be archived.
> I'm assuming null-modem cable connection between Apple/PC and file transfer
> software? Xmodem or something like that? Kermit?
> Thanks in advance,
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