Data transfer from Apple ][ to PC

From: Steven N. Hirsch <>
Date: Fri May 16 16:54:00 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Witchy wrote:

> Morning all,
> Another one for you :)
> Had a quick trawl of the archives 'cos I'm sure someone's mentioned doing
> this, but the recent stuff isn't archived yet is it? Anyway, What's the best
> way to get data off Apple ][e disks and onto something that has a CD burner
> fastened to it? I've got a bunch of old disks here containing documents and
> BASIC programs that need to be archived.
> I'm assuming null-modem cable connection between Apple/PC and file transfer
> software? Xmodem or something like that? Kermit?

If you have the hardware and the patience to get it all working together,
I suggest AppleTalk networking. I have a IIgs and //e networked off a
Linux box (running Netatalk). Works very well for mass file-copying, it's
fast and the file dates are preserved properly.

You'll need (at a minimum):

- Ethernet <---> LocalTalk bridge. I use a Shiva FastPath 4, but there
are dozens of models which are reported to work. Gator Box is one I've
heard a lot about.

- Apple //e + Apple Workstation card


- Apple IIgs (Rom 3 preferable)

Server can be a Mac, in which case the necessary protocols are (or should
be) there already. For Linux, you need appletalk support in the kernel
and the very latest version of netatalk.

For configuration info, read the docs. Then, read the docs. Finally,
read the code <g>.

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