In search of Christopher Willis

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Date: Fri May 16 17:00:01 2003

LOL I have a teletype and all the original receipts, manuals and service
Times are changing. Of course I got it and a big stash of other stuff from
someone who left it at my brother's house during a divorce. He disappears
and after 15 years or so I got it. I have been picking up the odd piece here
and there just because they are cheap and here seems to be a market for

I never heard of a BBS. It ranks up there with butter churn parts and
knowledge of how to crank start a car. It is good to know but it is not
something you'd run across - well except here. It is interesting to think
of all the detailed knowledge lost throughout history as it simply had no
use and was not preserved.

Computing has gone the path of automobiles. The first generation of owners
were hobbyists, mechanics and it evolved into an everyday thing. They have
become collectible the same as baskets, old weather vanes and Stickley

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> At 09:43 PM 5/15/03 -0400, you wrote:
> >>What is a BBS?
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> >Yikes. My first reaction was this must be a joke. Someone on this list
> >doesn't know what a BBS is.
> Next he'll want to know what a Teletype is! :-/
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