From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon May 19 18:44:00 2003

> I don't remember exactly what's on the disks, but essentialy the two
> dsks differ only in the VDU setup, and I suspect they're not a complete
> p-System with all the extras. Probably the editor and compiler, etc
> but not much more. It's probably possible to copy the
> non-system-specific parts from another system, though.

Probably. Thing is, the only other P-system I have is for the Apple ][,
which (a) doesn't include a 68000 assembler and (b) has GCR-encoded
disks. Not an ideal solution.

Unfortunately the user manual I have doesn't say how many disks were
supplied with the machine, but as it appears you got both Fortran and
Pascal, I doubt it all fitted on one floppy...

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