From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon May 19 18:47:00 2003

> Hi
> I recently acquired a Three Rivers Computer PERQ 1, together
> with PNX - a unix style OS. Unfortunately in the previous move
> the PERQ HD was not locked - so the HD needs reformatting.

Let's hope that's all it needs. It's always possible that one of the
heads or platters has been damaged so badly that the drive can't be

> Does anyone have the formatter software (on 8" disk) for this
> machine - I understand it wasnt distributed with the OS.

AFAIK the low-lrvrl disk tools were never distributed at all. But they
have survived...

Bob (Davis) : I am rather too busy at the moment to deal with this, and
it is fairly urgent (he's told me in private e-mail he needs to get it
fixed in a couple of weeks). Can you make a copy of the appropriate disks?

> I have a PNX boot disk - but no POS so would need a bootable
> POS disk with the formatter on to get the system up and
> running.

Well, you need a POS boot disk, and you need the disk tools. They don't
_have_ to be the same disk..

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