Collection policy was Re: No space for vinatge computers in australia (fwd)

From: Hans B Pufal <>
Date: Wed May 21 09:35:52 2003

TeoZ wrote:
> They should EBAY the duplicates or gut them for spares, that way they
> wouldnt need the same footprint. For a museium to have many multiples of the
> same item is a waste of space (which costs money).

This idea of dumping duplicates comes up in our internal discussions at
ACONIT every few months. The discussions get heated every time. Some of
us do not see the value of ANY duplicates, others (in the same camp as
myself) want to keep EVERYTHING.

I do admit that some of what we collect could probably be junked, the
problem is knowing what. Without an in depth and knowlegeable
examination you just cannot make a reasonable decision.

My favorite argument is that if the dump the duplicate argument had won
the day we would most probably have dumped one of our two PDP-9's and in
that case would probably never have gotten one to operational state.

  -- hbp
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