openvms... another question

From: Bob Lafleur <>
Date: Wed May 21 09:39:12 2003


There is a free hobbyist license for OpenVMS, but you can't download the
actual files from the web. You need to obtain actual media from
somewhere. So, you SHOULD grab this from your friend.

OpenVMS comes in two flavors: "VAX" and "Alpha". The "VAX" version runs
on VAX machines (MicroVAX II, 2000, 3100 series, bigger VAXen, etc), and
the "Alpha" version runs on Alpha boxes. No VMS will run on PDP's such
as an 11/44.

Hope this helps,

   - Bob

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Subject: openvms... another question

Ok, I know NOTHING about openVMS. However, this just came up...

A friend of a friend offered me what he says is a complete set of
OpenVMS media. No manuals, just the media.

Several questions:

>From what I understand, isn't there some type of hobbyist free license
openvms? If so, not sure why I should grab the media from him if I can
just download it. Or is there a value to getting the media from him, as
to it giving me the ability to purchase a license transfer or
something... in short, is there a special reason getting "real" media is

Lastly... he said it runs on vax's and pdp's. Not sure if he knows what
he's talking about, so I'll ask here. Could this run on my 11/44?

Thanks for any enlightenment!

Jay West
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