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From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Thu May 22 01:59:01 2003

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          Joe <> wrote:

> I have a Stag 39M100 with one plug-in for programming EPROMs and another
> for programming embedded micro-processors. I found the docs for it on a
> site in France. Stag is utterly worthless when it comes to support. I'll
> never buy or recommend anything from them. Glen G has a bigger gang
> programmer and I think he has a real manual for it.
I've got a Stag PP40 "MOS Gang Programmer" with a 40M100 module. Stag were,
as you said, quite useless. Who would pay ?550 for a COM port upgrade for
Especially seeing as ELNEC are selling the LabProg (IIRC) universal
programmer for around ?300 via Crownhill Associates (
Now, as far as I'm concerned, ELNEC's support is second-to-none - I sent
them a bug report, two hours later I had an official workaround from them
and an email from the software guy - "One of my team misread the datasheet
and entered the wrong ID number into our software. I'll fix the bug ready
for the next release". IMHO, any company that can manage to reply within a
few hours *AND* provide a usable workaround is well worth supporting.
As for the PP40, well, I just use it to copy EPROMs. Shame it doesn't support
as many devices as the PrEPROM, though. I have noticed that B&K Precision
are rebranding Elnec programmers.

If anyone's got the Stagcom software for the PP40 and/or a comm-port upgrade
module for it, please email me! I want that comms module!
On the plus side, Dataman did offer me ?100 if I traded the PP40 in for one
of their "S4" or "Dataman 48" programmers. Hmm...

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