QBUS board ID time

From: Greg Elkin <ClassicComputers_at_bouncy-castle.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue May 27 10:35:00 2003

Got given a couple of "Dyna 5" BA23-size QBUS enclosures a bit ago -
a bit tatty (rusted & dirty, must try to get a sandblaster or
something to see if they can be rescued)
just looking through the cards, can't ID this one yet :

dual height QBUS
Baydel (http://www.baydel.com) logo on the handles, "Baydel ltd" "CCK
2789" "B01079 iss4 C1984 CTS-11" on the board.

50 pin (2*25) front connector (what's the proper name for these
ribbon cable IDC connectors/plugs? Berg? other?)

1 AM2901, 2 off AM2910, 6 off AM27C291. 1 62256 (32k*8 SRAM I think),
some TTL, DEC interface & PAL DIPs, 16MHz rock.
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