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Date: Thu Oct 2 01:31:33 2003

How cynical. I used to work for a company here (the UK) that did IT
training for places like the Manchester Housing Authority (or whatever it's
called...) and I asked this guy, why did you build all those horrible tower
blocks (anyone who hasn't seen it, it looks like they hired a Soviet
apartment architect.

He said, "the more people we got in the least space... the more funding we

Take Care,

Mark (expat American in Oswaldtwistle)

At 00:06 02/10/2003 +0100, Tony wrote:

>The reason _I_ say that is that in the UK, 'unemployed' is used to mean
>'unemployed and claiming benefit'. The government fiddle the unemployment
>figures by preventing people from claiming benefits for more than 6
>months or so. Thus they can claim few people are unemployed, even if a
>rather larger number don't actually have jobs.
>In any case, I am not unemployed. I do plenty of jobs (fixing old
>computers, old cameras, building hackish toys, etc). Pity I don't get
>paid for doing them, but...

"There's your answer, fishbulb."

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