Geek Destinations in St. Louis? (Also San Diego [slightly different topic])

From: Bill Richman <>
Date: Wed Oct 1 11:56:45 2003

Went to Gateway's address. They just moved! They're a few miles in the
opposite direction now, at 2220 Welsch Industrial Court. I'm glad I had
my GPS mapping system along, or we might never have found them. It's a
pretty obscure location. They were really happy to see customers finding
them at the new place, I think; two of them met us at the door, and one
more was waving to us out the window when we pulled up. Seems like a nice
bunch of folks. They'd moved all the new stuff, but all the old stuff was
still back at the old building. We were trying to get them to take us
over to look at it, but they were too busy getting things organized at the
new place. They may be having a big equipment sale soon, so keep an eye
out. Thanks for the good pointer! We also went to Jasper's Antique Radio
Museum, which was kind of neat, although Jasper is kind of a crotchety old
guy. Also found a great Indian buffet at the top of Howard Johnson's next
to the airport; if you get the chance, give it a try. Wonderful food,
reasonable prices, and a great view to boot.

On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, jim wrote:

> > Bill wrote...
> > > We'll be in St. Louis this weekend. Any good museums, junk shops, or
> > > other recommended geek destinations in the area? GPS coordinates happily
> > > accepted. :-)
> >
> > Two surplus places that I know of...
> >
> > Gateway Electronics 314-427-6116 or (800-669-5810) 8123 Page Blvd. - St.
> > Louis, MO 63130
> > Gateway is mostly modern stuff, but they have an isle or two that is quite
> > old stuff. Not great, but worth a look-see.
> The guys at gateway have the building next door full of inventory, and if you
> get friendly with the right fellow at the counter, you can get a tour of that
> building,
> and see a bit of other stuff. Just ask what they have, and indicate you made
> a special trip in from some distance and I have found they accomodate me
> and dig a bit so that I don't miss any "new" stuff.
> but then I've been coming there since they were on Delmar and Stu had just
> started it (maybe 35 years ago).
> Sadly Stu passed away a couple of years ago, and is sorely missed.
> on a slightly different topic.
> Gateway has a San Diego outlet that has some stuff, and there is also a place
> nearby there worth seeing in San Diego called Industrial Liquidators.
> I also dig out the listings for the guys in El Cajon when I go down there
> junking.
> Any other San diego places to see?
> Jim
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