Mac SE/30 revival

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Date: Thu Oct 2 12:18:02 2003

I was driving into town when I spoted the aforementioned computer in some
phule's garbage. I stopped and pulled it out. However, when I turn it
on, the screen comes up 4 grey scan lines, then alternating 8 black scan
lines and 8 grey scan lines. A friend mentioned that this is normal boot
config, that it should then proceed to the happy mac icon and so on. He
asked if the ROM was still in it. I can't get the box open though : I
don't have the extra special long torx driver to get at the 2 top screws.
And the hex extention bits I have don't fit into the hole.

Anyone have a clue about how to revive this? I'd love to get netbsd
running on it.

Or is it hopeless?

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