Mac SE/30 revival

From: Ian Primus <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 13:10:06 2003

On Thursday, October 2, 2003, at 01:18 PM, wrote:

> I was driving into town when I spoted the aforementioned computer in
> some
> phule's garbage. I stopped and pulled it out. However, when I turn it
> on, the screen comes up 4 grey scan lines, then alternating 8 black
> scan
> lines and 8 grey scan lines. A friend mentioned that this is normal
> boot
> config, that it should then proceed to the happy mac icon and so on.
> He
> asked if the ROM was still in it. I can't get the box open though : I
> don't have the extra special long torx driver to get at the 2 top
> screws.
> And the hex extention bits I have don't fit into the hole.
> Anyone have a clue about how to revive this? I'd love to get netbsd
> running on it.
> Or is it hopeless?
> -Philip

Should be repairable. Here is a site that has just about everything you
ever wanted to know about the Macintosh SE/30.

As for getting the computer open, I made my own tool. Here is what you
will need:

a Bic Stic pen (the white round ones)
a new pencil (hex shaped type)
a T-15 driver bit

Take the pen, and pull out the ink cartridge and the black plug at the
end, leaving you with a hollow plastic tube. Now, sharpen the end of
the pencil a little, and shove it into the pen barrel until it is
firmly lodged. Then, shove the T-15 driver bit in the other end of the
pen barrel. What you have now is a rather kludgey tool that you can use
to get the screws out from inside the handle. It _does_ work, and I
have opened many a mac this way.

Good luck!

Ian Primus
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