2600 video touch pad

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   If you go to Jack Berg Sales website (in TX, do a Google to find them)
they sell the full Atari 2600 Star Raiders package brand new in Mint boxes
with the Video Touch Pad Boxes and Star Raiders boxed inside a large combo
package, they also have lots of other cool stuff.


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> So I was poking around a brocante in Sherbrooke and I spied a bag with
> Star Raiders and a Video Touch Pad. SCORE! Also in the bag : a RCA RF
> cable. I got it all for 3 CAD. The place had a hugely inflated idea
> about what these were worth : they were selling what looked like a Coleco
> 2600 clone for 20 CAD!
> I'd never seen a video touch pad before and only vaguely heard it refered
> to. I've not tested it, but plan to soon.
> -Philip
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