Perkin Elmer 550 Terminal

From: Ian Primus <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 13:01:31 2003

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 12:08 PM, Richard Brown wrote:

> Hi,
> I noticed your email with comments about the 550 terminal. I have one
> that has no vertical and am trying to get info so I can use another
> terminal in its place. I'm trying to find out what the mode switch
> position 2 in the on position does to the settings. ANy chance you
> might be able to tell me that? That's the only MODE switch setting
> used. The BAUD rate is set at 9600. When I try another ASCII
> terminal, the characters come out incorrectly on the display of the
> equipment I'm trying to use the ASCII terminal with. WHere as the
> perkin elmer terminal gives the correct characters except there is no
> vertical on the display so I can't read it.
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Richard Brown
> 781 938 7033
Ok, I got the manual off the shelf - here are the switch settings:

Switches 1 and 2 set the parity:

Switch 1 Switch 2 Parity
Off Off Odd
Off On Even
On Off Mark
On On Space

The other switches are for the other functions:

Switch # On Off
Switch 3 1 stop bit 2 stop bits
Switch 4 50 Hz 60 Hz
Switch 5 Inverse video Standard video
Switch 6* - 12v open
Switch 7* + 12v open
Switch 8 Half Duplex Full Duplex
Switch 9 DTR High Line switch controlled DTR

* - Only applies to terminals with current loop option

Hopefully this is the information you were looking for, let me know if
it helps.

Ian Primus
Received on Thu Oct 02 2003 - 13:01:31 BST

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