Mac SE/30 revival

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 13:22:11 2003

>However, when I turn it
>on, the screen comes up 4 grey scan lines, then alternating 8 black scan
>lines and 8 grey scan lines. A friend mentioned that this is normal boot
>config, that it should then proceed to the happy mac icon and so on. He
>asked if the ROM was still in it.

Er... none of my healthy classic macs start like that. And if that WAS
normal, then it indeed should proceed to either a Happy Mac, or a floppy
with a blinking question mark, or a Sad Mac with a code number.

Since you don't indicate that you get any of the above, I'd have to say
something is wrong.

If it was something internally testable, such as bad or missing ram, or a
bad or missing ROM simm, then you should get a sad mac code (lots of
other things are internally testable as well and would resuld in a sad
mac code).

Do you get any noises when it is on? Any squeels, or flupping noise, or
anything? Is there a startup BONG when you power it up? Can you hear a
hard drive spinning up inside?

are the lines vertical or horizontal? Once it goes to the 8x8 pattern,
does it just continue to repeat that? What happens if you leave it on for
a while (5 minutes or so).

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