Geek Destinations in St. Louis? (Also San Diego [slightlydifferent topic])

From: jim <>
Date: Thu Oct 2 19:27:12 2003

there was a good barbeque place up on convoy that we stopped at.

Thanks for the heads up on the address, I'd have been lost or following
the maps and cusssing.

Also had not heard of the Jaspers, I'll look it up.

Also to run this topic into the ground, Dinner at the 94th aero
squadron (or whatever restaraunt is running in their building
next to the runway) is good. It is at Mongomery field, which is
adjacent to the 805 / 163 X crossing, and near these outlets.


Bill Richman wrote:

> Went to Gateway's address. They just moved! They're a few miles in the
> opposite direction now, at 2220 Welsch Industrial Court.


> We also went to Jasper's Antique Radio
> Museum, which was kind of neat, although Jasper is kind of a crotchety old
> guy. Also found a great Indian buffet at the top of Howard Johnson's next
> to the airport; if you get the chance, give it a try. Wonderful food,
> reasonable prices, and a great view to boot.
> On Thu, 25 Sep 2003, jim wrote:

<mucho thanks on the Jaspers tip>

Did you find the El Cajon places? I just looked in the yellow pages and
did a google search for "san diego electronic junk or such"

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