Mac SE/30 revival

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Fri Oct 3 09:03:24 2003

That is absolutely ingenious, but if you're gonna be doing some serious
vintage computer hacking you better get yourself a toolkit. I picked up a
big pack of security bits with a ratchet driver for about $6.00 from Big
Lots, a discount/closeout chain. I aquired a long T15 driver from somewhere
(don't remember :) but Parts Express has a really nice one for $7.00.
Also check CyberGuys, they have good, cheap tools, as well as the most
resonable price on new SCSI and GPIB cables I've seen anywhere.

> As for getting the computer open, I made my own tool. Here is what you
> will need:
> a Bic Stic pen (the white round ones)
> a new pencil (hex shaped type)
> a T-15 driver bit
> Take the pen, and pull out the ink cartridge and the black plug at the
> end, leaving you with a hollow plastic tube. Now, sharpen the end of
> the pencil a little, and shove it into the pen barrel until it is
> firmly lodged. Then, shove the T-15 driver bit in the other end of the
> pen barrel. What you have now is a rather kludgey tool that you can use
> to get the screws out from inside the handle. It _does_ work, and I
> have opened many a mac this way.
> Good luck!
> Ian Primus
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