HP 7906 drive lives again & stuff

From: Ed Sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Fri Oct 3 12:02:25 2003

it is perhaps a combo of dust and fumes deposited on there... methyl Ethel
keytone... but then the cleaner will cause your liver to drop out of your
body an and is a really bad cancer thing.....

another thing that might be better is to take it to a clock shop where they
have some wonder solvents and a large ultra sonic cleaner....

let them breathe the various fumes.......

be careful with any of this stuff you use.....

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Subject: HP 7906 drive lives again & stuff

> After suffering a head crash on my "new" 7906, I decided I REALLY should
> have taken the time to clean the filter and the blower squirrel cage and
> ducts better before using it. That was done, then the drive wouldn't seek
> past load point. So I swapped all the cards in the drive card cage with a
> "spares set" and now the drive is working wonderfully again, passing all
> diags. It is SO nice to not rely on a single 7900 drive anymore!
> Word to the wise - lesson learned - never skimp on dissassembly/cleanup of
> an old style 14" drive. Take the time to get every last piece of dust &
> debris out!
> Over the next few weeks I will be cleaning, refurbing, and testing all the
> other 7906 drives I have. Once I get all working that can be made to
> I will have some known working 7906 drives available for trade, as well as
> some 13037 controller boxes. Might not have spares of the 13037 pca that
> goes in the host though. If anyone is interested, let me know. Keep in
> these drives are somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 pounds each. I may
> my 7905's working too but not sure I want to give those up just yet.
> Also - the only way I found to clean the squirrel cage blower was to take
> out and clean each fan blade by hand and with a toothbrush. The very fine
> dust that makes it past the secondary filter cakes on these blades and is
> very hard to scrub off - it's like concrete. Does anyone have any ideas
> here? I was thinking of soaking the blower in something to loosen the
> but it's unfinished metal and might rust. Any thoughts?
> Regards,
> Jay West
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