Intel Programmer IPPS format

From: Robert Maxwell <>
Date: Fri Oct 3 10:00:17 2003

This will meet the on-topic age requirement, at least...

  For programming devices like processors and EPROMS with an Intel Universal
a file format was used, called "IPPS." I need to program 8749 processors
from files
in IPPS format, and have no working Universal Programmer.

  The format appears to be a block-oriented binary, with a file header
identifying the
target device, and headers of indeterminate size preceding sections of
binary code.
Nobody I spoke to at Intel recognizes it.

  Does anybody remember, or have access to, documentation/data or (dreaming
in Technicolor(R))
a utility to convert IPPS files into a less-unique format, say binary or
Intel Hex? This
would save me from having to type in hex values from an old listing to
regenerate the code.

Bob Maxwell
Tel: (905) 792-1981 x313
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