Intel Programmer IPPS format

From: Dave Mabry <>
Date: Fri Oct 3 11:50:08 2003

Now, as is normal for me, this is hazy, but I think I remember what you
are talking about.

Intel used a format they called "object module format" that had header
information on each block, and several possible blocks. As I recall,
the MCS48 family, due to its limited memory addressibility, used the
same OMF (object module format) as the 8080.

Naturally, since Intel defined it, all their tools could read and write
it. IPPS was the name of the software used to read and write EPROMS,
etc, using Intel's iUP-201 programmer.

All that being said, I think I can help you. If you don't have anything
that can read and understand Intel's OMF, I do. I have a working system
that can execute IPPS. There are other utilities in the Intel operating
system, ISIS-II, that can also do this. I should be able to convert
your OMF file to an Intel HEX format file. Intel HEX is very common and
most programmers can understand it. It is also block oriented, but
ascii characters rather than pure binary.

Sorry to be so wordy, but bottom line is this. (into Technicolor dream
mode) If you send me your OMF file I can convert it to HEX and send it
back to you. Hope that will help.


Robert Maxwell wrote:
> This will meet the on-topic age requirement, at least...
> For programming devices like processors and EPROMS with an Intel Universal
> Programmer,
> a file format was used, called "IPPS." I need to program 8749 processors
> from files
> in IPPS format, and have no working Universal Programmer.
> The format appears to be a block-oriented binary, with a file header
> identifying the
> target device, and headers of indeterminate size preceding sections of
> binary code.
> Nobody I spoke to at Intel recognizes it.
> Does anybody remember, or have access to, documentation/data or (dreaming
> in Technicolor(R))
> a utility to convert IPPS files into a less-unique format, say binary or
> Intel Hex? This
> would save me from having to type in hex values from an old listing to
> regenerate the code.
> Help!
> Bob Maxwell
> Tel: (905) 792-1981 x313
> .

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