Mac SE/30 revived! woot!

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Date: Fri Oct 3 23:12:08 2003

Thanks to Ian Primus, who pointed me to I removed,
contacts with "control cleaner" and reseated all the SIMMs (ROM and RAM).
Half of the RAM looked like an upgrade (they have 9 rather then 8 chips
and said AZen Memory Upgrade on them). So I only put in the other half,
but put them into the wrong bank. I was rewarded by a rising, cheary
tune but it wouldn't get past the zebra screen. Ooops. Pull it apart
again, notice that I'd put RAM into wrong bank. But *all* the RAM back.
Get the happy-mac-BONG. Now it boots up into system 7.5.5 perfectly.
Woot woot!

Now I go hunt for an SE PDS ethernet card. (Anyone have a spare?)

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