Mac SE/30 revived! woot!

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Oct 3 23:44:04 2003

>Now I go hunt for an SE PDS ethernet card. (Anyone have a spare?)

I believe the SE and the SE/30 use a different PDS slot ethernet card.
The SE/30 card is compatible with the IIsi, but I do not think it is
compatible with the SE. However, that doesn't mean you can just buy an
ethernet card for the IIsi and use it in the SE/30. The IIsi also
supports NuBus ethernet cards via a PDS to NuBus adaptor card. That style
can't be used in the SE/30.

So double the cards before you buy yourself the wrong card. (and BTW:
I've seen the SE/30 cards on ebay for around $10.00)

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