Original IBM PC, Apple Macintosh cube, interest?

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Fri Oct 3 23:45:34 2003

>Hi, I keep seeing original IBM PCs and Apple Macintosh cubes and
>although it's tempting to snatch one for myself this small stuff
>isn't really my collector's specialty and I have not enogh room
>anyway. But thought that may be some people here think it's
>interesting enough to be saved. Since this stuff is shippable
>and if there is real big interest I might go through the hassle
>and pick such things up ship them.

If you are talking about the G4 Cube, then I would want one if the price
is right. Are you talking about those, or are you refering to the old
classic Macs that have the built in 9 inch black and white screen? (the
old Macs would be more the era of the IBM PC)

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