Original IBM PC, Apple Macintosh cube, interest?

From: Erik S. Klein <classiccmp_at_vintage-computer.com>
Date: Sat Oct 4 10:52:37 2003

The original Macs (that just say "Macintosh" on the rear label) are
worth anywhere from near nothing to a couple of hundred eBay Dollars
depending on condition and completeness.

IBM PCs are worth maybe half of that, again depending on condition and
completeness. The original 64K motherboard PCs are worth a bit more.
If it has 4116s, 0-64K silk-screened on the board and a black power
supply and it boots to BASIC 1.0 then you've got an original 64K PC.

With the Guide to Operations, BASIC and DOS manuals they are worth more.
With the original packaging more still.

Good luck!

   Erik Klein
   The Vintage Computer Form

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Well, I had at least 4 people asking me individually what the Max
cubes go for these days. And I do not know the answer. I could
dig them out somewhere (that is, last week I could, now it may be
too late ... but I might find one again.)

Interesting, noone wanted the original IBM PC, even though it
probably has a "Color Graphics Adapter" (woa! with 40 characters
per line!) and the Mac was just B/W right?

So, what would people pay for a Mac or an original PC?

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