Need 307.2 kHz crystals

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Sat Oct 4 16:10:03 2003

The price you are quoting for getting crystals made seem outrageous
although the crystals I've had made were in the MHz range. Cal Crystal
at is where I've had my crystals made and
they are located in Anaheim, California.

Michael Holley wrote:
> I am looking for a supply of 307.2 kHz crystals to restore some TV
> Typewriters. I need 2 crystals and someone else needs one or two. I have not
> been able to locate any.
> I can get them made at International Crystal Manufacturing (ICM) for about
> $55 each with a 6 week lead time.
> I would like to find some at a better price. I can make a small PCB with a
> 1.8432 MHz oscillator and a divide by 6 IC. This would cost about $75 total
> for 6 items, but I would like to find a crystal.
> I am adding the baud rate option to the CT-S serial interface, the default
> was a fixed 110 baud.
> Michael Holley
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