Ref needed for PCjr ROM cartridge Kit

From: Brian Heise <>
Date: Sat Oct 4 16:13:12 2003

I obtained a nice supply of PCjr ROM cartridge Kits from Integrity Software. The carts were in a box in the corner of their warehouse, and was all they had left of their past enterprise with them. I looked in a Nov 1988 issue of the Eugene PCjr Club Newsletter and there is mention of the cartridge being used for backup. One thing missing from my shipment, though, were the docs needed for the soldering to change the settings on the physical PCB after putting on an EPROM. The title of the doc was "PCjr ROM Cartridge Kit Technical Reference Manual" and had a file name of RC-TECH.REF . If anyone happens to have this, write reply so I can get these puppies working!! Much appreciation!

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