Help! need 400k/800k Mac os 6 or 7 diskettes!

From: chris <>
Date: Sun Oct 5 18:03:00 2003

>I don't have any machine that can write these.
>If anyone can send me just an 800K floppy with the Mac OS6 or OS7
>cd rom drive that'l work too. I have a CD with OS7 (probably) on it.
>I want to get a MAC SE working again. I have scsi CDrom drive and
>apples software cdrom.

If the SE has 4 MB of ram, you can connect an your SCSI CD ROM drive to
the SCSI port on the back, and boot from your OS 7 CD (assuming it is an
Apple OS 7 installer and thus a bootable CD). To do so put the CD in the
drive, then turn on the Mac and hold the Command-Option-Shift-Delete to
force the SE to boot from the external drive.

If you can't get that working, let me know, I'll send you a system 6
install set on 800K disks. System 7 doesn't fit on 800K disks so that's
right out. Unless you double check that you need 800K disks. Later Mac SE
models had 1.4 drives in them (if the Mac is labeled as Mac SE SuperDrive
or Mac SE FDHD then it can use 1.4 disks)

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