Help! need 400k/800k Mac os 6 or 7 diskettes!

From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sun Oct 5 18:20:03 2003

On Sunday, October 5, 2003, at 06:03 PM, chris wrote:

>> I don't have any machine that can write these.
>> If anyone can send me just an 800K floppy with the Mac OS6 or OS7
>> cd rom drive that'l work too. I have a CD with OS7 (probably) on it.
>> I want to get a MAC SE working again. I have scsi CDrom drive and
>> apples software cdrom.
> If the SE has 4 MB of ram, you can connect an your SCSI CD ROM drive to
> the SCSI port on the back, and boot from your OS 7 CD (assuming it is
> an
> Apple OS 7 installer and thus a bootable CD). To do so put the CD in
> the
> drive, then turn on the Mac and hold the Command-Option-Shift-Delete to
> force the SE to boot from the external drive.

Ok, I get a blinking floppy disk "?" in the middle of the screen. I
guess the CD rom I
have is not bootable after all.

(it came from a 2 disk pack marked "Apple Software" / "Claris Software"

My iBook won't read the CD. My SE want's for format any 1.44 floppy,
and my iBook
won't mount any 400/800mb floppy.


Home address:

Ron Hudson
29300 E 65th St.
Blue Springs MO, 64014

Thanks a lot!

> If you can't get that working, let me know, I'll send you a system 6
> install set on 800K disks. System 7 doesn't fit on 800K disks so that's
> right out. Unless you double check that you need 800K disks. Later Mac
> SE
> models had 1.4 drives in them (if the Mac is labeled as Mac SE
> SuperDrive
> or Mac SE FDHD then it can use 1.4 disks)
> -chris
> <>
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