Whats the big deal with the Bigboard II ???

From: Curt vendel <curt_at_atarimuseum.com>
Date: Sun Oct 5 21:59:35 2003


   Can someone fill me in on all the interest? I just recently won an
auction on Ebay, primarily I wanted just the cabinet with its 8" disk drives
and power supply so I could install an 8" controller inside of it that
allows Atari 8bits using the SIO bus to use 8" disk drives.

   Well as a bonus the auction came with the Big Board II inside of the
cabinet, I couldn't tell from the photo and figured yeah it was some kind of
single board computer, but since winning the auction I've received 5 emails
inquiring and wanting to buy it from me, so tell me what the story is behind
this board please.

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