Used Atari 2600 Game Cartridge goes for over $70

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Sun Oct 5 22:03:40 2003

Its (almost) funny how much people will pay for an item when they have
money burning a hole in their pockets, and how much they will let things go
for when they dont. I think the economy going down the last few years has
killed alot of the "rare" retro gaming market, or maybe the fad is over. I
personally like huge fads like this because while the prices rise everybody
digs the rare items out of the attic, and when it falls you can get the
items for very little money (for the long term collector). Its when the
prices for items are too low that everything just gets tossed and the
collectors have a hard time finding things. Personally I would rather buy a
few upright early arcade machines then 1 atari cart I would never play for

> Actually Chase the Chuckwagon is (well... was) considered to be one the
> "holey grails" of collecting and used to fetch upwards of $300-$500
> years ago I recall one or two going for as high as $1000 at one point,
> are a little more common in collecting circles and quite frankly, a
> cartridge of that quality label going for only $70 is actually a steal.
> Around $100-$125 is the going rate
> Curt
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