Betr.: Morely Electronics Teletext Adapter.

From: Eelco Huininga <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 03:09:12 2003

The users guide can be downloaded here:

Furthermore you could check and The BBC lives
( ). The latter should have an archive of ROMs,
which almost certainly should have the ROM for your adapter.


>>> Tony Duell <> 10/05 7:24 >>>
While looking for Econet bits, I found the above-mentioned unit (Morely
Electronics Teletext Adapter).

It's clearly a BBC periperal. On the back is Belling-Lee coaxial socket
(standard TV aerial connector), and a piece of 6 way ribbon cable. This
splits, 4 wires go to a 20 pin 2-row IDC header socket (presumably BBC
User Port, the connections would then be +5V, Ground, and 2 lines for I2C
SCL and SDA). The other 2 wires go to a plug to fit the BBC's power
outlet socket, to get 12V.

Inside there's a single PCB with a TV tuner module mounted off one edge.
The PCB contains a TV IF strip, CITAC (Computer Interface for Tuning And
Control) chip (to select the TV channel under computer control), and a
standard Teletext chipset (SAA5240 based IIRC).

Does anyone know anything about this unit, and more importantly, anyone
know where I can get the software to use it (it's certainly not
compatable with the Acorn Teletext unit).

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