Am I seeing things?

From: Ed Sharpe <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 16:12:13 2003

no we just got confused as we all belong to both lists.... but it was
freaky when it would appear as a group on the other list.... sometimes we
forget there are two lists...

no problem just tempory confusion all is well!

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> Yes, there is a public archive of the list postings. I kinda thought
> what the public archives were FOR? I especially like it when they talk
> about ancient things *S*
> I filter a lot of these so they never hit the list. But often I let them
> through because I feel that is what we are here for.. to be a resource.
> Maybe I'm being too lenient?
> J
> > Is it just me or are there a lot of people posting to the list
> > responding to things that are non existent or ancient from an archive
> > or something? Especially these people mentioning a web site and
> > asking to buy something. Seems that there has been a lot of that
> > lately.
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