Intel Programmer IPPS format

From: Robert Maxwell <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 15:24:35 2003

  your hazy memory is great. You just filled in a critical blank
that has made a world of difference. Searching the planet for
references to "IPPS" turned up nothing, but "OMF" is still quite
nicely documented on the Web. My favorite file-format reference,, has a document for OMF, as do some other sites.
  Armed with this knowledge, I can now look at modifying an old
Motorola S-record to Intel Hex converter with a new front end to
suck up the OMF records and spit them out in Hex.

All the best,
Bob Maxwell

Dave Mabry wrote:
> Now, as is normal for me, this is hazy, but I think I
> remember what you
> are talking about.
> Intel used a format they called "object module format" that
> had header
> information on each block, and several possible blocks. As I recall,
> the MCS48 family, due to its limited memory addressibility, used the
> same OMF (object module format) as the 8080.
> Naturally, since Intel defined it, all their tools could read
> and write
> it. IPPS was the name of the software used to read and write EPROMS,
> etc, using Intel's iUP-201 programmer.
> All that being said, I think I can help you. If you don't
> have anything
> that can read and understand Intel's OMF, I do. I have a
> working system
> that can execute IPPS. There are other utilities in the
> Intel operating
> system, ISIS-II, that can also do this. I should be able to convert
> your OMF file to an Intel HEX format file. Intel HEX is very
> common and
> most programmers can understand it. It is also block oriented, but
> ascii characters rather than pure binary.
> Sorry to be so wordy, but bottom line is this. (into
> Technicolor dream
> mode) If you send me your OMF file I can convert it to HEX
> and send it
> back to you. Hope that will help.
> Dave
> Robert Maxwell wrote:
> > This will meet the on-topic age requirement, at least...
> >
> > For programming devices like processors and EPROMS with
> an Intel Universal
> > Programmer,
> > a file format was used, called "IPPS." I need to program
> 8749 processors
> > from files
> > in IPPS format, and have no working Universal Programmer.
> >
> > The format appears to be a block-oriented binary, with a
> file header
> > identifying the
> > target device, and headers of indeterminate size preceding
> sections of
> > binary code.
> > Nobody I spoke to at Intel recognizes it.
> >
> > Does anybody remember, or have access to,
> documentation/data or (dreaming
> > in Technicolor(R))
> > a utility to convert IPPS files into a less-unique format,
> say binary or
> > Intel Hex? This
> > would save me from having to type in hex values from an old
> listing to
> > regenerate the code.
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