memory refresher on PUTR

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 14:32:19 2003

On Oct 6, 9:21, Jay West wrote:

> I believe it was a program called PUTR that I used on a PC to
> 5.25 floppy disks to exchange data with my PDP-11/23 that had an RX50
> in it. Should the PC drive be a 360k floppy or a 1.2m floppy?

Ideally, neither: 80-track double density. An RX50 is only
single-sided (80 tracks, 10 sectors of 512 bytes per track), but
obviously a double-sided drive will do, and that includes a "1.2M"
drive if it's capable of doing DD as well as HD.

> Wonder if there is some story as to the history of "disc" vs. "disk"
:) HP
> always used "disc".

"disc" is from the Greek "discus", and is (or was, until recently) the
more commonly accepted English spelling; "disk" is an Americanism which
has spread to the UK. Acorn always used "disc" as well.

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