Morely Electronics Teletext Adapter.

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 18:24:04 2003

On Oct 5, 18:24, Tony Duell wrote:
> While looking for Econet bits, I found the above-mentioned unit
> Electronics Teletext Adapter).

Morley, not Morely :-)

> It's clearly a BBC periperal. On the back is Belling-Lee coaxial
> (standard TV aerial connector), and a piece of 6 way ribbon cable.
> splits, 4 wires go to a 20 pin 2-row IDC header socket (presumably
> User Port, the connections would then be +5V, Ground, and 2 lines for
> SCL and SDA). The other 2 wires go to a plug to fit the BBC's power
> outlet socket, to get 12V.

> Does anyone know anything about this unit, and more importantly,
> know where I can get the software to use it (it's certainly not
> compatable with the Acorn Teletext unit).

You need the Advanced Teletext Software ROM, which I've got in my
archive. There's also an additional extension ROM. It does neat
things like autotuning, and is reputedly rather superior to the Acorn
Teletext Adaptor, though not having ever owned a Morley one, I wouldn't
really know. Ther'es also some inofrmation on it on The BBC Lives!

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