VCF Want: Pertec formatters for Kennedy 9100

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Mon Oct 6 22:39:39 2003

On Mon, 6 Oct 2003, Joe wrote:

> At 06:10 PM 10/6/03 -0400, you wrote:
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> > As message header states: I'm looking for one or two Pertec formatter
> >cards for Kennedy 91xx series tape drives - with cables, if possible.
> Wha tdo they look like and are they part of the Kennedy drive or are
> they mounted elsewhere? I don't know anything about Kennedy drives but I
> frequently see them in the scrap places.

 I have used the wrong terminology, forgive me List! I meant the card
that goes in a Kennedy drive that attaches to the drive electronics and
has headers for the cables that go *to* the formatter card, which I have -
a Dilog Unibus card.

 So if you see a Kennedy 9100 lying dead in some scrapyard - it's the card
that mounts on top of the (blower housing?) unit, under, and in the middle
of, the card cages. It's not in the Manual, since it's specific to the
interface installed on the drive... it would actually be covered in the
formatter manual, I presume.

  Anyway, if you see such a beast - I would like to have a few of them,
one to use and some for parts, along with the cables that go from the card
to the drive electronics - not to mention a set of Pertec cables to go
from the card to the 11/44 CPU.

  I will certainly pay all costs involved with you travelling, rescuing,
packing, and shipping the aforementioned Goodies.


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