Morely Electronics Teletext Adapter.

From: Rob O'Donnell <>
Date: Tue Oct 7 02:01:52 2003

At 00:24 07/10/2003 +0100, Pete Turnbull wrote:

>On Oct 5, 18:24, Tony Duell wrote:
> > While looking for Econet bits, I found the above-mentioned unit
> > Electronics Teletext Adapter).
>Morley, not Morely :-)
> > It's clearly a BBC periperal. On the back is Belling-Lee coaxial
> > (standard TV aerial connector), and a piece of 6 way ribbon cable.
> > splits, 4 wires go to a 20 pin 2-row IDC header socket (presumably
> > User Port, the connections would then be +5V, Ground, and 2 lines for
> > SCL and SDA). The other 2 wires go to a plug to fit the BBC's power
> > outlet socket, to get 12V.
> > Does anyone know anything about this unit, and more importantly,
> > know where I can get the software to use it (it's certainly not
> > compatable with the Acorn Teletext unit).

I've got what I believe to be one of these buried in my boxes somewhere
too.... but just a bare board, with several of the wires to the ribbon
cable detached from the board.... I would be very grateful if you were
able to open it up and take a pic of where all the wires go, as there was
no obvious row of pins to connect to. It looked somewhat.. messy.. to
me. Then, when I have time to go digging through the boxes again, I can
finally fix it (after about 15 years of waiting!)

>You need the Advanced Teletext Software ROM, which I've got in my
>archive. There's also an additional extension ROM. It does neat
>things like autotuning, and is reputedly rather superior to the Acorn
>Teletext Adaptor, though not having ever owned a Morley one, I wouldn't
>really know. Ther'es also some inofrmation on it on The BBC Lives!

When I had mine working, many many years back, yes, it was definitely
better. Lots more fun things you could do. Shame I can't remember them
now ...

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