DEC Pro 380 Info Request

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Tue Oct 7 12:00:16 2003

> After looking for pinouts, I have attached a NEC Multisync 3D monitor
> and an LK201 keyboard to the VIDEO 1 port. During the self
> test I get an
> error saying a key is stuck on the keyboard. This may indeed
> be true, I
> have not tested the keyboard before. It also says hit <RESUME> to
> continue. The keyboard has no <RESUME> key. I suspect there
> were various
> markings for the keycaps. Any suggestion on which key might
> be <RESUME>?

You can find some LK201/VR201 info (mostly schematics) at

(The Rainbow used the same kbd/monitor IIRC)

> The RTI seems interesting, but I have not seen any pinouts for the 62
> pin connector. From what I can find there are two serial ports, a 24
> line bi-directional I/O port and an IEEE-488 port. Pretty cool, but
> useless without a pinout...

You can find some Nautilus (VAX 85xx/8700/8800) info at:
(that's what these things were often attached to as a console).
Antonio Carlini   
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