anyone notice this gorgeous piece?

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Wed Oct 8 09:24:45 2003

At 09:37 AM 10/8/2003 -0400, you wrote:

> > {CDC 9766}
>Too bad it weighs about 450lb.
>I stop just short of owning one.
>I keep the nonremovable types, weighing
>between 90 and 140 lbs.
>What's the interface on these things anyway?
>Probably too early to be as easy as SMD, eh?
>John A.

I have a CDC9762, which is the smaller brother of
this drive and weighs considerably less, but is still
big and is still heavy. From the standpoint of showing
off the old technology standpoint, these are great
drives. Yes, you have to have the space and power, but
a winchester (fixed) drive just isn't as impressive
as a washing machine:-)

These drives use a standard SMD interface.

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