ASR33 sells for over $600

From: O. Sharp <>
Date: Thu Oct 9 21:37:04 2003

> With all the talk about interfacing one of these someone just sol a ASR22
> for $610

I thought about bidding on it early on - I've been wanting to replace the
ASR-33 I used to have, which sadly died - but the seller refused to say
how much the shipping was in advance... kind of a danger sign, I felt,
especially when they pointedly refused to discuss it in e-mails. Probably
just as well; I certainly wasn't willing to bid it up _that_ high. :/
A hundred, a hundred and fifty, if it were in good order and reasonable
shipping? Okay. Six hundred and some shipping amount the seller refuses
to divulge? Not bloody likely. :) :)

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