Posting propagation delays

From: Jay West <>
Date: Fri Oct 10 10:44:49 2003

It was written...
> So before the chorus of disapproval clucking swells into mob violence,
> that's what I (and others, it would seem - Marvin Johnston for instance)
> have notices. No criticism, no sniping, just curious.

Didn't mean that to come across as a slam. I just had a minor stress
fracture this morning due to way too many overcomittments on my part
(non-list related). My apologies! A better way to phrase it would be... "I
know there are some issues with Sendmail performance on the classiccmp mail
server. It will take me longer than it should to get around to fixing them,
but rest assured I know about them and I'll get to it!" :)


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