Multi-CPU Qbus VAXen

From: Steven M Jones <>
Date: Fri Oct 10 12:04:42 2003

Alex White wrote:
> I've been planning a monster like this, 4 small backplanes mounted
> in a hacked-around wide cabinet, 4 processors running as a VAXcluster
> over Ethernet... Been done before?

If you're running them as a LAVC (Local Area VAXCluster, used to be any
cluster using Ethernet instead of CI) then this was done all the time
and I'm sure still is. They probably haven't called them LAVC's for
years and years, though.

If you're saying you're going to interconnect the backplanes per the
discussion here and in MicroNote #26, then if people did it it was a
not a very common thing. And as others have pointed out, the normal
OS candidates won't have support for it. That's not a reason to stop
the project, just be aware of the necessary effort.

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