Help! need 400k/800k Mac os 6 or 7 diskettes!

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Oct 10 15:11:15 2003

>>Was there such a thing as an external 1.44 drive? If there was
>>could my SE use it?

"chris" <> wrote:
> The ROMS in the SE dictate that it can't use more than an 800k drive. So
> a standard external 1.4 drive will still only operate as an 800k drive in
> an SE that doesn't have the newer FDHD roms (if it works at all).

It takes more than ROMs. The SE originally shipped with the original
IWM floppy controller, which cannot handle MFM disk format (either 720K
or 1440K floppies). To use the Apple Superdrive (FDHD) 1440K drive,
you need BOTH the newer ROMs and the newer SWIM floppy controller.
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