What HP OS could it be??

From: Ron Hudson <rhudson_at_cnonline.net>
Date: Fri Oct 10 15:23:11 2003

Ok HP experts out there

One saturday my programming class in high school went on a field trip
to Santa Clara University. We got to try out some of the
minicomputers there. I asked the people who were with us if I could
come back and use the computers any other time, they said
"sure as long as you don't get in anyone's way", so for almost a year,
in the dark morning hours I would go down and program
in fortran.. using the card punches and seeing my output on the line

What OS was I running?

Here's everything I remember:

HP2100, Card Reader, Beehive CRT terminal, Line Printer, Flat-slip in
horizontal cartridge disk drive/with fixed platter, Paper tape punch
and reader, and a plotter

The machine was in the engineering department of University of Santa
Clara, in around 1976

Jobs were written in Algol or Fortran, and punched on cards.

Job control cards had

//somthing blah....

The boot loader was stored at (i think) 102077 (punch this in the
switch register and hit run???)

What was I using?
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