WTB: Pro-Log programmer parts

From: James M. Walker <chejmw_at_acsu.buffalo.edu>
Date: Sat Oct 11 21:50:48 2003

Hi Joe,
No rush There Joe, after they are scanned is fine, someone might want
to convert it to "PDF" and post it then! As for personality modules it
came with the 2716 eprom adapter, model PM9052A and the eraser module
is 9103A. I still use eproms for small projects, and thought this unit
would be ideal for me as I also spend time erasing the EPROMS as well.

I write control code for the INTEL microprocessors series starting with
the 8080 and also their micro controllers like 8051 and 804(X) chips.
of room in them, however I hope to get the 2732/2764/27128/27256 as I
have lots of those as well. I wrote control code for the iSBC-8640
it controls several radio repeaters on 2 meters and 70 cm, and talks to
satellites on 2304 Mhz. No who-who just control code in assembly
Simple small and fast. Thought I would go ahead and build the multi-bus
IDE interface and throw a couple of old <500 Mbyte drives on my systems
allow for updating code in the machine as opposed to on the development
system. As for those I have the full blown Series II and a Series IV and
the 86/330 system which runs iRMX-86, the others run ISIS, and have the
in-circuit emulators for 8051/8085/8086.

Wow I do tend to ramble.
Cheerio and have a safe trip.
(I have to take some pictures of the computers and post them on my

Joe wrote:
> Jim,
> You're in luck. I have a User's Manual for the 980. I also have a
> 1979-1980 catalog that tells what adapters, personality modules and
> configurator modules are needed for various ICs. The 980 is newer than my
> catalog but according to it's manual you can use the various early
> adapters, etc it. I've offered to loan the manual and other docs to Al K
> to scan and post but I can make you a copy if you like. I'll be out of town
> for the next week so I won't be able to do it right away.
> What adapters, etc do you have for your 980?
> Joe
> At 02:07 PM 10/11/03 -0400, you wrote:
> >Hi Joe and List,
> >Nice photos, I own the Pro-Log 980 similar to the one in your photo.
> >Nice
> >unit easy to use, mine came with the UV eraser also, I am still looking
> >for the full manual that describes it, the operation, and also all the
> >adapters.
> >Good Show!
> >
> >Jim
> >
> >
> >Joe wrote:
> >>
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> I picked up a couple of Pro-Log M900, M920 and M980 programmers lately.
> >> I want to burn some BiPolar PROMs and I need a Pro-Log PM 9048 "Intel
> >> Generic" personality module. It will look something like this
> >> <http://www.classiccmp.org/hp/pro-log/person-harris.jpg>. I'm also looking
> >> for other Pro-Log parts and I have parts to trade so if you have anything
> >> that you're willing to part with send me a list. Here's more pictures on
> >> my Pro-Log stuff. No text or descriptions yet, just pictures.
> >> <http://www.classiccmp.org/hp/pro-log/>
> >>
> >> Joe
> >
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