Moving- stuff must go

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Date: Sun Oct 12 11:58:25 2003

Hello. I' in the process of moving, and the storage space I thought I had did
not materialize, so...
If there is anyone in the southeastern MA/RI area that can pick up some of
these machines, they are yours for the taking (mostly Tandy 1000 and Apple
stuff). They are located in Taunton, MA, but I can also bring them to Fall
River, MA, where I now live. I only have about a week tops to get rid of this
stuff. If anyone is interested but can't pick the stuff up in a week, I may be
able to hold on to it for a short while longer. Unfortunately, I won't be able
to ship anything at this time. You can view the list of stuff at and I'll be updating it when stuff goes. Email me
at and I'll get back to you. Thanks so much for reading this.

Marc Bileau
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